In our dental center we offer most services from the entire field of dentistry. Listed below are some of the most common services. At the request of the patient and before major procedures, we always issue a pro forma invoice and treatment schedule!

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Usually, at the first examination, we take a picture of all the teeth (orthopan), clean the dental plaque if necessary, and start treatment. Subsequent visits are usually once a month (or as needed) until treatment is completed. After completing the treatment, we recommend annual check-ups.

In case of pain and emergencies, we are always available to patients within our working hours. Order or get in touch with us to arrange an appointment, and we will try to solve your problems.


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Price list of the most common dental services

A brief overview  21,00 € 
 Orthopanic (digital) imaging of all teeth ORTHOPANTOMOGRAM  29,00 € 
 3D CBCT (digital) imaging of teeth  from 40,00 € 
 Sandblasting of dental surfaces  35,00 € 
 Removal of dental plaque with ultrasound, cleaning, sandblasting and polishing of teeth  70,00 € 
 Teeth whitening  from 220,00 € 
 Composite white filling  from 24,00 € to 107,00 € 
 Porcelan inlay - CEREC  220,00 € 
 Porcelain crown  from 350,00 € 
 Removable prosthesis  from 790,00 € 
 Tooth extraction  from 39,00 € 
 Fixed dental braces - 1 dental arch    from 1.450,00 € 
 Using a laser   38,00 € 
 The insertion of an IMPLANT (dental implant) - for the treatment plan requires examination!   660,00 € 

The price list is valid from August 6, 2019!

It is possible to pay with payment and credit cards (Maestro, Mastercard, Eurocard, Dinners Card, Visa, Karanta, Americanexpress).

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