• Bernarda Osovnikar More »

    Bernarda Osovnikar

    dr. dent. med.
  • Matic Osovnikar More »

    Matic Osovnikar

    dr. dent. med.
  • Sara Indihar More »

    Sara Indihar

    dr. dent. med.
  • Manca Peternelj More »

    Manca Peternelj

    Dr. dent. med.
  • Sabina Dragovan More »

    Sabina Dragovan

    dr. dent. med.
  • Sanja Klenar Ljubenko More »

    Sanja Klenar Ljubenko

    dr. dent. med.
  • Vanja Logar More »

    Vanja Logar

    dr. dent. med.



  •  Gašper Fortuna More »

    Gašper Fortuna

    dr. dent. med., spec. oral surg.
  • Špela Sprogar More »

    Špela Sprogar

    dr. dent. med., orthodontics specialis

Dental assistants


  • Ana Roner More »

    Ana Roner

    dental assistant
  • Mirjana Jeraj More »

    Mirjana Jeraj

    dental assistant
  • Alenka Frantar More »

    Alenka Frantar

    dental assistant
  • Pintar Anja More »

    Pintar Anja

    dental assistant
  • Pia Mencinger More »

    Pia Mencinger

    dental assistant
  • Tina Drnovšek More »

    Tina Drnovšek

  • Špela Markelj More »

    Špela Markelj

  • Jesenko Betka More »

    Jesenko Betka

    dental assistant

Dental technician


  • Nina Pondrk More »

    Nina Pondrk

    dental technician
  • Dijana Ilić More »

    Dijana Ilić

    dental technician

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