Our private dental practice in Škofja Loka has more than twenty years of tradition and experience. The thing we appreciate the most, is value of healthy and beautiful teeth. Our goal is to offer our patients the highest quality dental services possible.
Teeth whitening (with professional supervision), replacement of old mercury fillings (white composite fillings), restoration of fractured and worn teeth, inlays, onlays, crowns (CEREC 3D prosthetics), esthetic veneers, teeth alignment (orthodontics), replacement of missing teeth (prosthetics, dental implants).
Laser is used mostly for minor tooth decay removal, fissure sealing, tooth neck sensitivity treatment, root canal disinfection, gum disease treatment, healing of certain oral lesions, herpes and wounds in the oral cavity.
Professional teeth whitening is a harmless and minimally invasive procedure that makes healthy teeth look even shinier. The method we recommend is tray whitening, which the patient performs at home, with our regular checks on the progress of whitening.With this method, a lower concentration whitening gel is used, and first results are seen in a few days.
Dental implants replace missing teeth or anchor removable dentures in toothless jaws. It is a common procedure nowadays, becoming a treatment of choice in replacing the missing teeth.
If conservative treatment is not sufficient, our surgeons are available to help with their expertise Most common procedures are wisdom tooth removal, retained root removal, apicoectomy (root apex removal), periodontal surgery, implantology, soft tissue surgery and histological sampling.
Digital X-ray scan is minimally harmful for your health, and the image can be analyzed instantly on the computer screen, which is perfect for diagnosis. For these benefits we have invested in digital dental X-rays, which can perform both orthopan and intraoral scans.
CEREC (CAD/CAM tehnology)
CEREC is a system using computer (CAD/CAM) technology and high-quality ceramic materials, which mimic the characteristics and color of natural teeth. This enables a high-quality prosthetic and esthetic treatment in a single visit to the dentist.
OTHER DENTAL SERVICES - periodontal treathment, oral hygiene, healthy teeth, composite fillings, orthodontics, endodontics...
We strive to offer the most services we can, to cover the broad areas of dentistry (periodontal treatment, oral hygiene, in particular tartar removal, white fillings, orthodontics, endodonthics). Our desire is for patients to get all services in one place.

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