ORTHODONTICS for children or adults - in our clinic!

ORTHODONTICS for children or adults - in our clinic!

It's never too late for a nice and healthy smile!

Many people have misaligned teeth or incorrect bite, for different reasons - heredity, development, habits, premature loss of teeth due to caries... Many of us have worn braces in the childhood, then noticed teeth misaligning back afterwards. A lot of people never had braces and don’t know that they still could, even as adults!

Correct bite is very important for chewing, speech and appearance. Even if the teeth are healthy, an incorrect bite, most often caused by incorrect jaw relations or misaligned teeth, leads to various diseases of mouth and jaw joint dysfunctions.

Orthodontist aligns teeth with various fixed appliances (these are usually used, but more and more often invisible removable appliances are used). Sometimes we include orthodontic treatment in the prosthetic plan (to get enough space for implants or better prosthetic restoration) or combine it with treatment of periodontitis, since teeth alignment also improves the health of periodontal tissues (easier oral hygiene, more even bite load on the teeth).

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry, which aims to achieve optimal occlusion and placement of the teeth, as well as a natural harmonious smile.

Aligned teeth for a healthy bite and smile - for children or adults...

Orthodontics is not exclusively for children any more. With the development of modern, esthetic orthodontic appliances and growth of importance of a beautiful smile for people’s self-esteem, number of adults who decide for orthodontic treatment is increasing.

In addition to a beautiful smile, properly placed teeth lead to a better oral hygiene, correct occlusion and thus less wear of teeth, and can make prosthetic treatment easier.

Besides classic fixed appliances, we offer a range of modern esthetic ones:

  • white appliances: ceramic brackets are used instead of conventional metal,
  • lingual appliances: brackets are attached to the inner lingual side of your teeth,
  • lnvisible appliances: removable transparent thermoplastic splints.

Make an appointment for a free consultation in our practice. We will present all of the above options in details and then choose an optimum treatment. You will soon be able to smile the way you have always wanted!


Ortodontsko zdravljenje s fiksnim zobnim aparatom

Picture (above), see some examples, before/after treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances.

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