When ceramics (porcelain) and when composite?

When ceramics (porcelain) and when composite?

More and more people want to supply their teeth with porcelain prosthetic replacements, which do not differ in color from the natural dental substance and which also have good physical properties, ie. hardness, resistance, longevity and do not contain harmful substances.

With a severely damaged tooth, which can no longer be restored with a white composite filling or augmentation, or when replacing old amalgam fillings, it is better to opt for a supply of fully porcelain prosthetic replacements, such as inlay, onlay or coating (full porcelain). crown). A tooth treated in this way also has an inappropriately long durability.

Today, a very important criterion is also the production time, which should be as short as possible. The CEREC 3D system enables this: during one visit, the dentist provides you with high-quality and aesthetic care of your teeth / teeth with porcelain prosthetic replacements, without temporary care, without taking impressions and with only one anesthesia. The figure shows the replacement of amalgam fillings with porcelain inlays with CEREC 3D (CAD / CAM) technology.

The response of our patients is very positive, during one visit we provide them with teeth / teeth with porcelain prosthetic replacements and as they say "I feel like I have a new tooth and it seems natural to me."


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