Oral care around bridges and implants (dental implants)

Oral care around bridges and implants (dental implants)

Oral care around prosthetic replacements (implants, coatings...) is very important, not only for their durability, but also for the health of all tissues, e.g. implant surround. Healthy mucosa around the implant means healthy bone, which means long implant strength. That is why we teach patients to properly maintain or clean new teeth after prosthetic treatment.

In general, when we finish the basic cleaning of teeth and interdental spaces, we must spend some time cleaning the places under the bridges and the places around the dental implant. In both cases, the use of an electric toothbrush (eg Sonicare) is highly recommended for basic cleaning to ensure a high level of oral hygiene. With an electric brush, even in basic cleaning, it is easier to reach hard-to-reach places, and the bristles reach a few mm below the prosthetic replacement. However, in the end, the cleaning must be supplemented with the use of special interdental brushes (without metal), for cleaning the "interdental" spaces around the implant or with a special thickened floss for cleaning under prosthetic replacements.

We come to the dentist with a desire for beautiful and healthy teeth. When the treatment is over and the dentist replaces the lost tooth or more with one of the prosthetic solutions, we have a feeling of a healthy and perfect smile again. Let it stay that way!


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