Interdental brushes for cleaning interdental spaces

Interdental brushes for cleaning interdental spaces

For good oral hygiene, it is not enough just to use a toothbrush, but it is necessary (at least in the evening) to take extra care to remove plaque from the spaces between the teeth, where the bristles of the toothbrush do not reach! For this, the use of interdental brushes is recommended, and in adolescence the use of dental floss.

When we demonstrate proper cleaning to patients in our practice and talk about changing habits during the next visits, we usually get the answer that "I don't get those little brushes in between"... We don't agree with that. With the correct use and selection of the appropriate brush size (which we advise you in the instructions and demonstration), these brushes reach even such small spaces, which can become a big problem with poor hygiene!

It is important to insert the interdental brush into the interdental space and move the brush in and out parallel to the level of the gums. Again, this will be easiest to do in front of a mirror, because only then can you make sure that the brush is positioned correctly and you will not have problems with jamming or twisting the brush. You can rinse the brush under running water after use and use it several times, but when the bristles become worn out (usually when you use it about 5-10x), we only replace the head!

Interdental brushInterdental brushes

If you're not used to using an interdental brush, it will bleed in places with poor gum hygiene, it may even be a little painful, but don't let that scare you! This is a good sign that the gums are inflamed at this point due to the normal accumulation of plaque (food debris). The gums bleed only if they are inflamed due to the accumulation of plaque - bacteria. Quite a few patients before coming to us thought that the gums just bleed every now and then, but HEALTHY GUM does not bleed! Bleeding gums is a sign of inflammation that can later lead to periodontal disease. That's why we always advise - where the gum bleeds when cleaning, it is a sign that the gum is inflamed and you just need to clean it even more thoroughly! You will see in just a few days the cleansing will become pleasant, the gums healthy and the experience you experienced the first time will disappear!

Because we want our patients to have healthy teeth and periodontal tissues, we want them to get the feeling that basically if they don't clean the interdental spaces, the teeth aren't clean! And with daily use, it becomes a habit and takes us less and less time, and the effect on the health of our mouths is great.



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