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  • Periodontal treatment

    Periodontal disease is more common than tooth decay. It begins with the inflammation of gums - gingivitis, which is easiest to recognize as gum bleeding after you brush your teeth...
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  • Oral hygiene

    Professional teeth cleaning includes ultrasonic cleaning (tartar removal), sandblasting (coffee, wine or smoking stains removal) and polishing with special paste...
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    Healthy teeth

    It is better to prevent than to treat the disease. When becoming our patient, we offer you a so-called system of "recall". You are invited on a regular check-up, so you don’t have to think about when is it time for a check-up...
  • Composite fillings

    Most of us have some fillings in our mouth, which are mostly due to tooth decay in places where we don’t do a proper oral hygiene. It is more than fifteen years since we stopped making "silver" mercury fillings in our practice...
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  • Endodontics

    Where tooth decay goes deep or teeth are fractured in an accident, we need to perform endodontic treatment, that allows us to keep the affected tooth in the mouth. We use chairside intraoral digital X-ray scans to help us...
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