Dental X-rays are one of the most important part of your regular dental treatment. We use this specialized imaging technology, both orthopan and intraoral radiographs, to look for hidden tooth decay – also called cavities – and can show dental issues such as abscessed teeth, dental tumors, and cysts.

Additionally, dental X-rays allow us to see the condition of prior dental procedures, such as fillings, crowns, root canals, and bridges. And, too, we will be able to look for possible bone loss as a result of periodontal gum disease and find hidden tartar build up.

In addition to diagnostics, we may choose to perform dental X-rays in order to check for bone density as part of preparing you for dental implants, which require an adequate density in order to support the implants.

Digital Dental X-Rays – A Great Advance

Unlike old fashioned dental X-rays, digital dental X-rays expose you to minimal amount of radiation. X-ray is sent through your teeth and into the sensor, effectively taking a photo of your tooth or teeth. The sensor captures the resulting image and sends it through the wire to the computer. We are able to immediately see your teeth and jaw bones. This means that assessment and diagnosis is virtually instantaneous. Among some of the many benefits for you, are:

  • A reduction in the amount of radiation you are exposed to during the X-ray process.
  • No need for dental film or processing chemicals in order for your dentist to be able to see the images.
  • An almost instantaneous ability to see the X-ray images, which means, if you’re in pain, you’re not waiting for the images to be processed and then viewed.
  • We are able to use colour contrast in viewing and manipulating the X-ray image, in order to see all of the details in the image.

The benefits are immense, the process is simple and painless, and you’ll be able to see the images when we review them with you.

Profound examination of your teeth and oral structures

That is minimally invasive for your health...

We use a 3D CBCT Planmeca device, the procedure is short, accurate

and safe. A CD with your scan is available in a few minutes.

No prior appointment is needed for the X-rays to be taken, you can come anytime!

For more informations you can call us on +386 8 330 20 10 or write to

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